The Total Football Project is a program designed to give young players a taste of what being a professional football player feels like. Growing up in the Netherlands, younger talents have the chance to experience a much more structured learning system than anywhere else and develop a strong and sportive mentality. We want to give young athletes from all around the world the opportunity to come one step closer to understanding what makes a pro football player who he is. We want to guide them towards success by providing them with all the necessary tools to improve and become the best that they can be.
Netherlands is famous for being the country that the term “Totaalvoetbal”originated from. This would later be more commonly known as Total Football.



Total Football (or in Dutch “totaalvoetbal”) is a tactical theory in football in which any outfield player can take over the role of any other player in a team. It was made famous by the Netherlands national football team when reaching the final of the 1974 FIFA World Cup.
In Total Football, a player who moves out of his position is replaced by another from his team, thus retaining the team’s intended organisational structure. In this fluid system, no outfield player is fixed in a predetermined role; anyone can successively play as an attacker, a midfielder and a defender. The only player who must stay in a specified position is the goalkeeper.


Individual Trainings

All individual training sessions during the program will held by coaches from one of the world’s most renowned youth academies, the Ajax Coaching Academy.

Sina Football Lab

Sina is a modern, state of the art football lab where the players will have the opportunity to have a test in order to map and analyse their physical, physiological and cognitive abilities. Moreover, after analyzing the results of the test, the players will take advices for the follow-up trajectory.


When it comes to cognitive skills, scientific research has shown that self-reugalory skills (i.e., knowing what you as an individual should do to improve your skills, set goals and act accordingly) increases the chance for talented players to sign a professional contract in the future. XOET has developed the knowledge, scientific prove and measurement tools to give talented players insight in their personal scores (related to same-aged talented peers). This will help the player to get to know the importance of cognitive skills for their careers and how to interpret their personal results.


Upon arrival, all participants will receive two very special gifts:

  •  PLAYR SmartCoach System which consists of a SmartPod, a SmartVest and the SmartApp and is used by elite clubs such as Real Madrid, Bayer Leverkusen, Tottenham Hotspur. PLAYR is now yours to train like a pro!
  • An official Only4Stars personalised training kit


At the Total Football Project there is never a dull moment. During the time that the players are not training, various activities are planned, in order to experience Netherlands at its fullest.

  •  Visit the famous “Johan Cruyff Arena” – home to AFC Ajax, Netherland’s most historic club
  •  Take a cruise in the beautiful labyrinthine canals that flow through Amsterdam’s city
  •  Take a walk down-town and explore Dam square, Central Station and shop for your favourite memorabilia


All is taken care of for you at the Total Football Project.

  • 6 nights at the Ammonite Hotel
  • Full Board Meals
  • Transportation Included
  • Gym
    For that extra workout
  • Wellness Room
    Relax after a hard training session

Show Us Your Potential

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